Fan Makes Miniature Jurassic Park for Pet Tortoise; Creates Internet Gold

Jurassic Park Turtle - H 2016
Oliver Turpin / YouTube
It's the good life for Louie, as long as a T-Rex doesn't come around.

Life finds a way — to be adorable.

On Monday, Jurassic Park fan Oliver Turpin posted a video on YouTube showing off a miniature recreation of the dinosaur park — made famous in the 1993 film, spawning a blockbuster franchise — which he made for his pet leopard tortoise, Louie.

Complete with the enormous doors to the entrance of the park, visitor's center and fence, it seems the smaller version has it all. 

The aspect that makes the mini park video just that much better is John Williams' memorable Jurassic Park score playing over footage of the tortoise chilling in his new home. 

Whether it's the attention to detail or the pure silliness of the creation, the video is quickly making its way around the internet and has more than 60,000 views on YouTube.