'Fanboys vs. Zombies' Graphic Novel to Debut at Comic-Con

Ben Silverman’s Electus partners with BOOM! Studios to bring the zombie series to life.

This week, thousands of fanboys will invade San Diego for Comic-Con International. But what if they weren’t the only thing invading the convention?

The graphic novel Fanboys Vs. Zombies, which will make its debut at Comic-Con this year, follows a group of fanboys who must battle the undead when Comic-Con because zombie ground zero. Armed only with their geek know-how that they’ve gained from comic books and video games, this rag-tag groups of friends must save the convention.

The graphic novel was originally conceived of by Co-founder and CEO of Electus, Ben Silverman and Electus’ Head of Creative Development Jimmy Fox

“We wanted to create this for the real fans. The comic book junkies, the sci-fi nuts, the horror enthusiasts, the hardcore gamers – every one of them will be represented in our cast of characters,” said Fox. “This is for any fan who has ever wondered what would happen if they had to play the role of the hero.”

Electus partnered with graphic novel publisher BOOM! Studios to create the humorous epic. BOOM!’s past publications have included Mark Waid’s Irredeemable series and Stan Lee’s Solder Zero, The Traveler, and Starborn.

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