FANDOM FIVE: Top Geek News of the Week

A roundup of what's making fanboys and girls sweat. This week: "Tintin", "Transformers", and more

We now present the Fandom Five, tracking the most important new developments in the world of comic book films/TV and other fanboy-oriented media. Are people Ka-wowed or Persnickety-Snick'd?

1) Tintin is like soccer

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson unveiled the first moving pictures from their CG adaptation of the globe-trotting hero Tintin based on the comics by famed Belgian artist Hergé. The trailer immediately set off a polarizing debate between fans who bickered over whether the motion capture used was giving off a Robert Zemeckis creepy-dead-eyes effect, or whether it was faithfully rendered. Also in debate was whether American audiences would embrace Tintin, who is much like soccer: popular the world over except in the good ole USA.

2) More than meets the eyes in your face

There was no debating the Transformers: Dark of the Moon footage shown by Paramount at a special conversation between Michael Bay and James Cameron co-hosted by The Hollywood Reporter. Fifteen to 20 minutes of the film was shown and the simple verdict: it rocked. And the 3D only enhances everything on screen. Could this be the biggest movie of the summer?

3) Return of the Star Tours

Disney last year closed down Star Tours, the Star Wars-based ride that's been running space missions since the late 1980s. Friday, at Florida's Disney World, it unveiled Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, the updated ride outfitted with the latest amusement technology and lets rides experience up to 50 different missions. California's Disneyland gets their new Star Tours June 3. Is the Force still strong with this ride?

Here's a cheesy trailer:

4) Return of the Slayer - Sort of

At its upfronts, where networks announce their line ups of shows, CW unveiled The Ringer, which features Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to TV land since her breakout role as Buffy, the vampire slayer. Gellar's character is a woman who in order to escape mob, decides to assume the identity of her recently deceased identical sister. She finds out her sister's wealthy lifestyle is just as dangerous as the one from which she is trying to hide. This all sounds interesting but TV has changed a lot since Geller last staked out her territory. Buffy had a chance to grow, make mistakes, learn and become one of the best shows on television. Now, even acclaimed shows get slayed after one or two episodes. All the best, SMG.

5) Canada Day was Wednesday

A long time ago, one of the coolest super-teams was Alpha Flight, an X-Men spin-off created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne in the Golden Age of X-Men. And while almost all heroes were based in New York, or Metropolis, or Gotham City, this weird cross-section collection of costumed characters was based in Canada.

The comic went through a bunch of ups and downs (superstar artist Jim Lee had his first Marvel work published on it) and even introduced Marvel's first gay superhero. Alpha Flight got unceremoniously killed - off panel, no less! ­- a few years ago, to the howl of the small but loyal legion.

Now, this week, it made is return with Alpha Flight #0.1 which tees up a new mini-series which will be drawn by popular artist Dale Eaglesham