Fandom Five: The Week's Biggest Geek Film/TV News

Heat Vision's roundup of what's making fanboys and girls sweat.

We now present the Fandom Five, tracking the most important new developments in the world of comic book films/TV and other fanboy-oriented media. Are people Ka-wowed or Persnickety-Snick'd?

1) X-Men: The Writers' Last Stand
The battle for writing credits for Fox's X-Men: First Class got crazy this week when the WGA surprisingly awarded a shared "story by" credit to Sheldon Turner, who never worked on First Class but penned the shelved Magneto project.

Bryan Singer, who also got a story credit, and scribe Jamie Moss, who worked with Singer on early drafts, appealed the arbitrator's decision. In the end, the original decision - Turner and Singer get story credit and Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz and Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn share screenplay credit still stands. Fox will release the movie in the U.S. on June 3.

2) Strong Trailers Save the Day
While Fox might not have liked the writing arbitration process going public, it can take comfort in knowing that its X-Men: First Class trailer (watch it here) has caused the movie to jump to the top of must-see summer movies. Similarly, the new Transformers Dark of the Moon (watch it here) also blew minds. To the fan faithful, the two trailers are overcoming a bad taste left by the franchises' previous installments (the tepidly received X-Men: Last Stand and Wolverine, on one hand, and the soundly rejected Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on the other).

 3) Not so Super
The release of some good comic books was overshadowed this week by what transpired in Action Comics #900. In what initially seemed like a throwaway story by David Goyer in the anniversary issue, Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship and says Truth, Justice and the American Way aren't enough anymore. The move prompted a huge uproar but might actually be setting up a more global perspective for the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed movie, which Goyer also wrote. (What were some of the good comics overshadowed? How about the latest issue of Jeff Smith's Rasl.)

 4) Cyborgs don't grow old but they do get wrinkly.
Yes, it's true. Arnold Schwarzenneger is attached to reprise his role as the killer robot in a rights package that seeks to revive The Terminator franchise. Justin Lin, the director of the moment due to Fast Five, is attached to direct a project that was presented to studios earlier this week. So Arnold is back whether we like it or not. (And while Arnie has one foot in the past, he's also got one in the future, circling an adaptation of a novel called Cry Macho.)

5) Avengers Assemble!
The Avengers, Marvel Studios' climax to all its movies featuring solo heroes, has begun production in New Mexico under the direction of Joss Whedon. And it was revealed that Loki will be a villain. We'd really like to know more about the project. The question is, loyal readers, who will bid on Sam Jackson's stolen copy of the script?

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