Fandom 5: 'Game of Thrones' Season 2, Lego Superhero Clips and 'Big Bang Theory' Gets Beamed Up

Anticipation for the acclaimed HBO series, toy versions of movies, the new "Man of Steel" logo, and Leonard Nimoy dominated genre-fan discussions this week.
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Here's what got fanboys and fangirls talking this week...

1) Let the Games Begin

HBO’s Game of Thrones begins its second season this Sunday. The first season had a relatively low-key launch – the show escalated in popularity and buzz as it went on and crescendoed when the character of Ned Stark was beheaded, sending viewers all-a-howling. But the second season is beginning amid plenty of hype and high expectations.

The New York Times offered its take, there’s a countdown clock on the show’s page on, and the screening copies at Heat Vision HQ have been pilfered. So we’ll leave you with some bon mots from the Los Angeles Times: “It makes Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings look like child’s play,” and “what emerges is truly new, and miraculously accurate, definition of epic television.”

2) The Most Insane Thing I Saw This Week

Lego comic book and movie-tie ins are popping up more and more frequently. This week alone a Lego version of the Dark Knight Rises trailer surfaced as well as a Lego version of the Avengers poster.

But hands down, the neatest is this ultra-violent Captain America tale, released earlier this month and already seen over a million times. I needed an American Psycho-style trenchcoat to keep the blood off while I watched it.

3) The Check That Made History Can Be Yours For Only…

The original $130 payment from Detective Comics Inc. (the future DC Comics) to neophyte creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for Superman is now at auction. Commemorating the beginning of the age of superheroes as well as (disputed) evidence that the creators signed away all legal rights to the Man of Steel, the document was thought to have been destroyed long ago.

Comics Connect is selling the check. (It’s actually for $412 since, as the notation breaks it down, it also includes $210 for the June, 1938 issue of Detective Comics at $210 and $36 each for Adventure Comics and More Fun Comics). And the bidding is now over $36,000. There are 16 days left so expect that figure to jump higher.

I hope whoever buys it donates it to a comics museum or the Smithsonian. It would be a shame if it ended up on some wall in someone’s office.

4) Putting the Steel in Man of Steel

Warner Bros unveiled its freshly forged logo for it’s upcoming Superman movie, which doesn’t come out until June 14, 2013. Some fanboys made fun of the swishes in it. (Is Nike sponsoring the movie?) Some liked the retro design.

But the most felt like “Smith” from Comic Book Resources: “Seriously only nerds care about nitpicking cosmetics. Moviegoers just want a good movie.”

5) Leonard Nimoy Beams Down to Big Bang Theory

If this wasn't appointment viewing I don’t know what was. Leonard Nimoy and Spock made an appearance on CBS's Big Bang Theory but not in the way you'd expect. Here's a clip: