Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows' Photos Draw Comparisons to Michael Jackson, Willy Wonka

The first photos of Depp as vampire Barnabas Collins have appeared online, but reaction is decidedly mixed.
George Pimentel/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The first photographs of Johnny Depp playing the vampire Barnabas Collins in director Tim Burton's big screen update of Dark Shadows popped up online Wednesday. Fan reaction on Twitter was decidedly mixed.

Several comments saw Depp as another superstar: Michael Jackson. One fan, Reggie Watts, tweeted, "FYI Johnny Depp to reprise his Michael Jackson character from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory in the upcoming Dark Shadows movie."

Pop culture Twitter feed @TMAonHulu did its own previous Burton comparison: "So Edward Scissorhands gets Boy George glasses?"

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Actor Richard Weigand, who plays a vampire on the web series Curve Your Vampirism tweeted, "Why does Johnny Depp look like more like Powder from the movie Powder than Barnabus?"

David Posadny tweeted, "Was reminded of South Parks Tim Burton slam after seeing latest pics of him dressing Depp up in his stupid Goth look. C'MON."

Carla Baron wrote, "Was looking forward to Tim Burton's remake of Dark Shadows ... but Johnny Depp looks ridiculous in this makeup."

James Sharpe wrote, "New photos of Johnny Depp looking like a cartoon on the set of the new Tim Burton mess. I'm not linking to the photos just imagine them."

British fan @grid_spy couldn't make up her mind, writing, "Johnny Depp Pic in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" film. I'm not sure if it looks cool/strange/weird."

However, not every person who saw the pics had a negative reaction. Kayla Grosse had just one word: "Creepy."

Charlotte J. Parker wrote, "Just saw a photo of Johnny Depp on my home page. Whew. Even at my age he just quivers my liver."