Fantagraphics Launches Digital-Only 'Violenzia'

Independent publisher has released its first exclusively digital comic book through ComiXology's platform.
Richard Sala/Fantagraphics/ComiXology

With a Kickstarter campaign to fund its spring 2014 catalog still running, Seattle-based independent comic publisher Fantagraphics is branching out with its latest release, Richard Sala's pulp mystery Violenzia. The 50-page graphic novel is the publisher's first digital-only release.

Fantagraphics associate publisher Eric Reynolds said that original digital releases were "a new model for us … Not a better model, but a different model." He added that Sala was "one of [Fantagraphics'] most beloved authors, and recently he has built up a considerable and new following online, via his Tumblr and other social media, so when he proposed Violenzia it seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment with a digital-only release."

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Violenzia is exclusive to the ComiXology platform, continuing a partnership between the companies that launched in July 2012 with the announcement of the digital release of the publisher's critically acclaimed Love & Rockets series. ComiXology CEO and co-founder David Steinberger said in a statement that the company was "thrilled that Fantagraphics partnered with us to bring Richard Sala’s beautiful and hilarious Violenzia to comiXology and our worldwide audience."