'Fantastic Four' Honest Trailer: "Relive the Original Two Disappointments"

Watch as the team takes on "Victor the Green Goblin Von Doom" and "The Silver T-1000 Morpheus."
Courtesy of Photofest

Some viewers didn't find the two most recent Fantastic Four films all that fantastic, including the team at Honest Trailers.

"At a time when comic book movies began to show us how good they could be, two films will remind us how badly they can suck," says the Honest Trailers narrator.

The team must take on "Victor the Green Goblin Von Doom" in Fantastic Four (2005) and "The Silver T-1000 Morpheus" in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007).

"So before you see the third — and hopefully final — attempt to launch the Fantastic Four, relive the original two disappointments, who gave their lives so Chris Evans could be free to play a decent Captain America," says the narrator.

Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters Friday.