'Far Cry 5' Director Unveils Trailer That Moves the Franchise Stateside

"America has changed dramatically in the last four years and now it very much seems like it's right," Dan Hay explains.
Courtesy of Ubisoft

At the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, Ubisoft invited a small group of journalists to view never-before-seen footage from their upcoming game Far Cry 5.

Unlike previous installments in the long-running first-person shooter games, Far Cry 5 will take place on American soil, a "far cry" (pardon the pun) from the prior exotic tableaus. The new setting offers a fresh slate of enigmatic antagonists, a feature the series has come to be known for. 

“I was shipping Far Cry 3 and thinking what do we want to do next," explained creative director Dan Hay of the decision to move the series stateside. "At the time, we had an idea — taking the [franchise] here. What’s interesting about the States is that we all knew we wanted to go there. At the time it just didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel believable, but I would say that America has changed dramatically in the last four years and now it very much seems like it's right for Far Cry to visit it.”

This time around, players will find themselves in Hope County, Montana, a small rural community caught in the grips of a militaristic doomsday cult's control, the Project at Eden's Gate. Led by a charismatic, yet dangerously zealous, preacher the reach of the cult's power has spread throughout the county and it is up to the player, controlling a junior deputy new to the force, to gather a resistance to oppose the Project's further expansion.

"When you think about cults, in general — and there's almost a resurgence right now, you hear about a lot more of this stuff — there was something really interesting about the idea of having a leader who was magnetic and the language of they believed they were chosen. Almost this modern-day Noah," Hay told Heat Vision.

"Whenever you pick a place for Far Cry it has to feel beautiful and exotic and relevant, but it also has to be a place that's on the tipping point," Hay said. "It's wonderful, but it's also off." 

Footage shown featured the game's opening moments, gameplay features, which included animal companions, aerial combat and, of course, lots of explosions and fire fights, as well as character profiles for companions and villains, alike. 

Watch the trailer below.