Feige: Spader Will Be 'Much More Than Just a Robot' in 'Avengers 2'

The villain of the second "Avengers" movie will be "very dynamic," according to the president of Marvel Studios.
Rock-he Kim/Marvel Entertainment

"We did not hire James Spader to do a robot voice," said Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, continuing the happy tease of just what Ultron is going to be in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

According to the Feige, Spader has been hired to provide more than his voice for the Avengers' latest bad guy, who historically -- in the comic books, at least -- has been a particularly malicious cybernetic presence inhabiting robot bodies. Whether "more than his voice" extends to an actual onscreen appearance by the actor remains up in the air, as Feige seems to be suggesting that Ultron might be larger than just one person.

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"He's a very unique and incredibly exciting and unpredictable actor. And Ultron in the comics is a robot, but what's cool about him in the comics -- and certainly how Joss Whedon is interpreting him for the movie -- is that he is much more than just a robot," the executive told the Huffington Post. "He's infused with much character. And I don't want to say too much, but you can imagine James Spader will be very dynamic in his portrayal of this character."

Feige also made mention of "capturing [Spader's] face and his body to create a whole performance," so there will definitely be some element of mo-cap involved. But could "much more than just a robot" and "infused with much character" point toward a story that involves a lot of different Ultron robots working towards a common goal …?