'Fifty Shades of Wayne' Brings Batman Into the BDSM Hit

His interests are very singular (and bat-related).
Warner Bros.

For those who thought that Fifty Shades of Grey needed a little bit more superhero in its model of nocturnal excitement, a new mashup of the hit movie and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has created a tantalizing teaser for an unlikely future direction for the Dark Knight.

While Fifty Shades of Wayne might anger Fifty Shades purists by dropping Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) from the proceedings entirely, few would argue that Christian Bale’s no-less-conflicted Bruce Wayne is a more-than-fitting replacement (Dakota Johnson certainly seems to be happy enough). After all, he has the millionaire-businessman thing down, as well as the unusual evening activities that he keeps hidden from the world — it’s just that his involve less whips (unless Catwoman is involved).

Josh Meeter, who created the mashup, wrote on YouTube that “when my wife told me what Fifty Shades of Grey was all about… this is EXACTLY what I had imagined.” It might not be exactly what the hard-core fans of the original novels would expect, but there’s little denying that there is an audience for this very movie out there …

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