'Fighting American': Hero From Captain America Creators Returning This Year

The classic Joe Simon and Jack Kirby creation will star in a new series from Titan Comics.
'Fighting American'   |   Duke Mighten/Titan Comics
The classic Joe Simon and Jack Kirby creation will star in a new series from Titan Comics.

With Captain America gone bad in current comic book adventures, it falls to another patriotic hero to keep the U.S. safe from harm. With Titan Comics reviving Fighting American for a new series, finally America has the hero it deserves once again.

The history of Fighting American is a long one, if less well known than Marvel's star-spangled hero. The two heroes were actually created by the same men, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, although they were separated by more than a decade and a shift in tone. Inspired by a revival of their original super-patriot, Simon and Kirby didn't just create a copy of the previous character; they created a satirical take on the entire superhero genre that also took aim at the anti-Communist fervor of the mid-1950s.

The original series — which featured villains with names like "Hotsky Trotsky" and "Invisible Irving, the Great Nothing" — ran for seven issues from 1954 through 1955, with revivals and reprints from a number of different publishers in the decades since, including Harvey, Marvel, DC and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld's short-lived Awesome Entertainment. Now Titan is stepping up for a new series set immediately after the original Simon and Kirby run. It's coming from Gordon Rennie and Duke Mighten, both of whom have plenty of experience working on comics mixing social satire and action from years of working on Judge Dredd.

More details about the new project, unveiled Thursday during Titan's presentation at the Diamond Retailer Summit at the C2E2 comic convention in Chicago, will be released in the near future, according to the publisher.

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