FILM REVIEW: 'Skyline'

Skyline Movie Still
Courtesy of Rogue Films

From our reviewer in Australia:

Belligerent aliens lay waste to downtown Los Angeles in visually spectacular fashion but there’s no sign of intelligent life in this high-concept, low-budget sci-fi calamity.

Beyond the dazzling “first contact” sequences seen in the trailers, Skyline is a spasmodic and incoherent shambles hampered by an astoundingly stupid screenplay. Burdened also by unspeakably bad Sci Fi Channel dialogue and dreadful acting, it culminates in a risible finish that, incredibly, seems to be setting up a sequel.

Sci-fi fans transfixed by the brilliant blue light from the invading spaceships in those tantalizing trailers should swarm multiplexes on opening but business will drop off steeply once it becomes clear that Skyline is neither a clever District 9 twin nor even a cut-rate War of the Worlds/Independence Day mash-up.

It’s a wannabe epic,

Wow. Our lass from Oz doesn't mince words. Click here for the rest of the review.