'Final Fantasy VII' Remake Gameplay Footage Electrifies E3

The remake of the classic 1997 PlayStation role-playing game will launch in 2020.

It took nearly half a decade, but Square Enix has finally set a release date for its Final Fantasy VII remake. The company will launch the eagerly anticipated reimagining of the 1997 classic role-playing video game on March 3, 2020, Square revealed during a concert celebrating the music from the game in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

On Monday evening, Square debuted new game-play from the FFVII remake at its E3 press conference.

Square kicked off the presentation on Monday by introducing producer Yoshinori Kitase, who thanked longtime fans for their patience waiting for the remake of the beloved game. "Remaking Final Fantasy VII has allowed us to dive much deeper into the world and its character than ever before," said Kitase. "We anticipate two Blu-ray discs worth of content. The first disc focused on the story of Midgar and has become a game in its own right."

If you don't get goosebumps from the opening bombing mission of FFVII Remake, you're probably dead.