Finally, An End to the 'Star Wars' News Drought

Now everyone can have their own unnamed sources
Twentieth Century Fox/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection
Now everyone can have their own unnamed sources

With Star Wars: Episode VII still more than a year away from release, there’s a very real danger that the Internet might run out of stories about the movie months before it reaches theaters. We already know about the director, the cast, even the composer — all that’s left are the plot and the title, and then we’ll be done.

Aware of the growing danger of a Star Wars news drought, those involved with the movie have done their best to find solutions. We've all enjoyed stories about Harrison Ford breaking his ankle on set and the release of teaser images intended to spark speculation about whether spaceships still look the same as they did the last time we saw them. Those have only been a temporary stopgap, but thankfully Slate has come up with a real solution: The Star Wars Rumor Generator.

Using the Rumor Generator, fans of online Star Wars gossip can create their own utterly spurious rumors about J.J. Abrams’ addition to the science fiction franchise. Perhaps the feature will be called Star Wars: Revenge of Leia and see the daughter of Han Solo take on a Sith Lord accompanied by Andy Serkis’ wacky motion-capture sidekick! Or maybe it’s about Luke Skywalker teaching a new generation of Jedi in a movie called The Republic Wars! “Unnamed sources” are confident either way!

You can create your own Star Wars rumors right here. Sorry about your productivity for the rest of the day.