First Clip of New 'Powerpuff Girls' Reboot Is Released (Video)

Kevin Dart, art director for the new show, shared a clip from next month's episode online.

Man of Steel may have been one of the most high-profile makeovers for a superhero in 2013, but it was far from the only one. With less than two weeks left in the year, one final revival has snuck in under the wire with the release of the first video from the brand-new episode of Powerpuff Girls.

The video was shared on Tumblr by Kevin Dart, illustrator and art director of the new series. "We put so much love into this thing," he wrote. "I really hope you all like it!"

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The episode, titled "Dance Pantsed," was directed by Dave Smith, who served as writer and director on the original series, and features animation from Stephane Coedel, Chris Turnham, Jasmin Lai and others. Original creator Craig McCracken was not involved in the show's revival.

The Powerpuff Girls airs on Cartoon Network on January 20. Watch the trailer below.