First 'Hercules' Trailer Shows Legendary Feats and Fighting (Video)

Dwayne Johnson takes on the mythical hero with nothing but a beard, an eagerness to yell at the camera and his own fearsome strength. It's no contest, really.

Don’t tell the Hulk, but there may be a new “strongest one there is” in the world of cinematic superheroes, with Paramount Pictures and MGM unveiling the first trailer for Hercules, showing a bearded Dwayne Johnson preparing to fight mythical creatures, armies and unfortunate fashion choices (Lion heads are traditionally worn before March, Dwayne).

The trailer introduces the character through a voiceover from Ian McShane asking “Who are you — are you a murderer? Are you a mercenary who turns his back on the innocent?” before mentioning “the deeds you have performed — the labors you have accomplished” and adding “Are you only the legend — or are you the truth behind the legend?” (To be fair, the labors referenced are fairly legendary.)

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All of this runs over glimpses of Johnson’s hero taking on swamp creatures, giant boars, armies crawling from the ground and, in a moment of inspiration, a giant lion that he appears to be about to try and punch (Watch; he drops his bow and raises his fists. If this Hercules is one that punches giant lions, I am in).

Adapted from the Radical Publishing comic Hercules: The Thracian Wars written by Steve Moore (who sadly died last week), Hercules is directed by Brett Ratner and is scheduled for release July 25. Watch the trailer and remember: you will believe a man can punch giant lions.