First Look at 'Batman V Superman's' Clark Kent Appears on Twitter

Henry Cavill's look as the mild-mannered reporter debuts via a tweet in support for a charitable cause.
Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund

Fans eager to see what Clark Kent will look like in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice got what may be a sneak peek from an unlikely source Monday when an image of Henry Cavill from the set of the movie appeared on Twitter.

The official account of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund posted an image of Cavill holding up a shirt supporting the cause, while standing next to a chair with the name “Clark” and dressed in a smart trench coat, suit and tie combination that would appear to be classic Kent if not for the fact that it’s missing the trademark glasses (Cavill, of course, doesn’t wear them himself).

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The “RM1664Challenge” that the tweet says Cavill is supporting is a 6656km marathon Royal Marine Commandos are undertaking this year to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the organization. The challenge aims to raise money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, which helps wounded and injured marines transition back to civilian life. The challenge is split into five phases—skiing, sailing, cycling, kayaking and finally running—with the marines currently in the final phase as they run 1664km across the United Kingdom.

Batman V Superman is currently in production for release May 6, 2016. Below, enjoy your first look at Superman’s alter ego from the movie (Feel free to Photoshop in the specs yourself).