First Look: Mark Millar's and Greg Capullo's Fantasy Comic 'Reborn' (Exclusive)

Alien_Ship_Panel - Publicity - P 2016
<p>Alien_Ship_Panel - Publicity - P 2016</p>   |   Courtesy of Image Comics
"It's not Heaven or Hell or anything we've seen before," Millar says of his creation, which delves into the place we go to after death.

Mark Millar, the prolific comic author who regularly sets up Hollywood deals for his creations, is back with a new creator-owned title this fall called Reborn.

The comic, which is due in October from Image Comics, teams him with artist Greg Capullo, the penciller who worked with Scott Snyder on the acclaimed five-year run of DC’s Batman. And as Millar describes it, after tackling superheroes, secret agents, crooks and aliens, it’s his first real stab at fantasy.

“Fantasy is completely new to me and I only wanted to do it if I could find a good human angle on it,” he tells Heat Vision. “That’s what’s generally turned me off fantasy growing up, the hooks rarely appealing. So I wanted to have a lead character we could relate to and plunge her into this place."

Millar is keeping mum on the details but he did offer this: “It’s not Heaven or Hell or anything we’ve seen before. The idea simply is that when we’re done here, we show up somewhere else and our main character, Bonnie Black, has a stroke in the opening pages and suddenly finds herself in this magical place that’s a cross between Lord of the Rings and Mad Max. If you’ve lived a good life you appear in one territory, if you haven’t, you appear on the other, and both sides are in conflict with one another. This is where all our dead friends and relatives are waiting for us and Bonnie is thrown right into the mix.”

Millar has attracted the top artists of the last decade (his Hollywood track record is one factor working for him) and he is nabbing Capullo at a career high, the latter having turned himself into an A-lister thanks to Batman.

“If you want to do a story filled with monsters and darkness and impossibly cool visuals there’s nobody better than Greg,” Millar says. “I think it’s safe to say he’s the hottest artist in the industry at the moment, his Batman run with Scott Snyder just being universally beloved, so it’s amazing to get him and I’m delighted he responded to the material so well.”

Speaking of art, Heat Vision has a glimpse of 12 gorgeous pages. Think of it as a teaser trailer where you get snippets of a story, without the lettering. Feel free to set your own music to it.