First Look: 'November Criminals' Writer Sam Munson's New Novel

The War Cover - P 2015
<p>The War Cover - P 2015</p>
See the cover to the upcoming 'The War Against Assholes'

Sam Munson, the author of the well-received November Criminals, which is being adapted to screen, has a new novel, The War Against Assholes, coming June 16 and The Hollywood Reporter has the first look at the cover (see a larger version below).
The War Against Assholes imagines a world of magic taking place in New York City where young magicians face off against each other. Previously editor Joe Monti described the story as "like imagining a long con worked by Robert Cormier as a grifter."
Here's a longer description of the story:
"Mike Wood's moral code is enforced solely by his muscles, unfocused and explosive until, knuckles bruised and in a rage, he meets Hob. Hob, best known as the kid who sat out gym obsessively reading an enigmatic book on card tricks titled The Calendar of Sleights, introduces Mike to the world of magic worked by force of will, and a war against the kind of wizardry schools which Hob and his fellow practitioners call The Assholes. New York City is laid out as a game board upon which this war is fought. From finely furnished underground apartments to abandoned storefronts with basement speakeasies, and into an elite and warded private school, battles rage in secret. For centuries, the balance of power has been weighted to The Assholes. But now, this clandestine cell of magicians that Mike is becoming part of is fighting a slow war of attrition. Mike has been recruited to be a steadfast soldier in a war fueled by magic-infused hooch, corrupted power and privilege, fought by illusion and will, and supported on all sides by sleight of hand."
The film adaptation of November Criminals, which has Ansel Elgort and Chloe Moretz in the leads, is in preproduction now with an eye to a 2016 release. Film rights to War are expected to be shopped around the book's June release.
Munson's writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other publications. The New York City resident is also the grandson of Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz.