First Look: Will Smith's Deadshot on 'Suicide Squad' Set

Will Smith Suicide Squad - H 2015
<p>Will Smith Suicide Squad - H 2015</p>   |   Pacific Coast News
The movie version of the villain is far more stylish than his comic book counterpart.

Fans have been treated to the sight of Jared Leto's Joker from next year's Suicide Squad, and now Will Smith's Deadshot look has been revealed, courtesy of photos taken on the set of the David Ayer movie. And maybe another familiar face, as well.

The on-set photos show a newly bald Smith looking surprisingly stylish in a long leather jacket and hat — unlike the more traditionally scruffy character in the comic books. In another change from the character's roots, Deadshot is shown carrying a collection of bags from stores, which seems just a little too … normal for the usually nihilistic, emotionally distant villain — unless, of course, they're merely a disguise for his many guns.

The comic book Deadshot first appeared on the scene in 1950's Batman Vol. 1 No. 59, going on to become an assassin for hire before joining up with the Suicide Squad, a group ideally suited to his twin interests: killing people and indulging his nascent death wish by courting death whenever possible.

The Batman connection might be one reason why eagle-eyed fans scoping out the set claimed to have seen Ben Affleck make a surprise appearance, dressed in his Batman costume from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Could the Dark Knight make a cameo in the movie, bringing Deadshot to justice?

Suicide Squad will be released summer 2016.