First 'Star Wars: Attack Squadron' Teaser Released (Video)

Disney Interactive confirms rumors of the PVP game with an announcement video and accompanying website to sign up beta testers.
Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive has one piece of advice for you this afternoon: stay on target.

The company has released a trailer for Star Wars: Attack Squadron, a PVP game to launch in 2014. Players will be able to play in three different modes: a team dogfight, a free-for-all against 15 other players and "Base Defense," in which you and other players have to work together to defend -- or attack -- a base.

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Additionally, players will be able to earn points after matches and use them to upgrade and personalize their ships as they play, as well as develop pilot communities with other players. The reveal trailer doesn't feature any gameplay footage, but instead some of the ships that will feature in the game -- including, of course, the X-Wing Fighter.

Interested parties are directed to the game's official site, where they can sign up to participate in a beta test for the game, ahead of its release next year. Just remember: pay attention to Admiral Ackbar. He'll warn you of any potential traps.