Fisher-Price Expands 'DC Super Friends' Toyline With Massive 'Batbot Xtreme'

The 28-inch tall accessory, inspired by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's critically acclaimed comic book run, debuts at New York Toy Fair this weekend.
Courtesy of Fisher-Price

Sometimes, the fight against evil needs to get … well, a little Xtreme. And, in the case of this newly revealed addition to Fisher-Price's Imaginext DC Super Friends toyline, massively awesome, as well. Crime, get ready to be crushed by the oversized BatBot Xtreme.

Standing more than 2 feet tall, the BatBot Xtreme is fully kitted out with everything an amateur Caped Crusader could want in a robot battle suit: huge batwings, projectile launchers, a "Batman voice changer" and controllable punching fists, as well as its own Batman figure and vehicle. The ultimate crime-fighting accessory will be unveiled during New York Toy Fair at the Javits Center this Saturday, and be released for preorders on the same day.

The BatBot Xtreme might look familiar to fans of DC's comic book output — it's based on the Batman mech suit worn by Jim Gordon during his own short-lived career as a replacement Dark Knight in the 2015-16 storyline "Superheavy." This time, thankfully, it'll arrive without any assumed death for Bruce Wayne's alter ego, and without the accompaniment of creepy villain Mr. Bloom.