'Fist Fight' Director Tackling 'Imagine Agents' for Fox (Exclusive)

Richie Keen and Imagine Agents Cover - Split - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of CAA (Keen) and Boom! (Cover)
At the same time, Shawn Levy is coming on board as a producer on the project that adapts a Boom! comic.

Twentieth Century Fox’s Imagine Agents is getting more real.

Richie Keen, who directed the Ice Cube-Charlie Day comedy Fist Fight, has come aboard to helm the project that adapts the Boom! Studios comic. 

At the same time, Shawn Levy, the director-producer behind Stranger Things and the Night at the Museum movies, has joined the project as a producer while his 21 Laps Entertainment cohort Dan Cohen joins as exec producer.

Michael Keaton, Michael Sugar, and Boom!’s Ross Richie are also producing while Stephen Christy and Ashley Zalta are exec producing. Adam Yoelin is co-producing and overseeing the project for Boom!

Armed with a Men in Black vibe, the story tells of an organization that handles cases related to children’s imaginary friends. When a vengeful imaginary friend materializes in the real world and kidnaps both a young boy and his imaginary friend, the boy's mother and two agents must work together to rescue him. The son, meanwhile, realizes he has to save the world from an invasion of imaginary friends who have become very real. 

The comic, published in 2013, was created by writer Brian Joines and artist Bachan. Simon Rich wrote the most recent draft of the screenplay.

Keen is one of the resident director on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia who has also directed epsiodes of The Mick, The Goldbergs and Disjointed. He also co-created the early digital series Aim High. Keen made his feature directorial debut with Fist Fight, which was released in February, and now has several other projects set up, including the Will Smith action-comedy Monster Hunter at Columbia.

He is repped by CAA, Lonestar Entertainment and attorney Adam Kaller.