'The Fly' Remake Catches 'Sleight' Director J.D. Dillard

Director J.D. Dillard Headshot - Getty - H 2017
Leon Bennett/WireImage
The Sundance breakout will co-write and helm the remake of the sci-fi horror classic.

For his next trick, filmmaker J.D. Dillard will fuse a man with a fly.

Dillard, who is generating heat with his upcoming magic-centric low-budget thriller Sleight, is making the jump to studio movies with Fox’s remake of The Fly.

Dillard is in talks to direct and co-pen the project with writing partner Alex Theurer, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The movie is a remake of the 1958 sci-fi horror classic about a scientist whose teleportation experiment goes awry and he is fused with a fly. Kurt Neuman directed the original creature feature, which launched a series of low-budget sequels.

The Fly was remade in 1986 with a version directed and co-written by master horror filmmaker David Cronenberg.

Sleight, which has been described as being like Chronicle in tone, tells of a street magician (Jacob Latimore) with a dash of superpowers. He is forced to team up with drug dealers just to make ends meet, but when his sister’s life falls in danger, he must find a way to save her. The Blumhouse movie is set to open April 28.

Dillard is repped by CAA, Circle of Confusion and attorney Lev Ginsberg.