The Foodles Are Strong With 'Star Wars' Fan Detectives

Disney Foodles - S 2013
<p>Disney Foodles - S 2013</p>   |   Crunch Pak/Disney
Months ahead of the official start of production at Pinewood, have fans managed to uncover the fake name Lucasfilm is using in the U.K. to hide 'Star Wars Episode VII' from prying eyes?

It's possible that you're already familiar with Foodles, a Disney-affiliated snack food that "put[s] the fun intro fresh, nutritious snacking," but the Foodles brand may have more to offer Disney than simply brownie points on the healthy eating scale (Nutritious Apple Points, maybe?). It's possible that it's being used to misdirect fans of a story that took place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Previous Star Wars movies have been filmed under fake names to throw off eager fans and reporters spoiling for a spoiler or three; Return of the Jedi was famously disguised as Blue Harvest, while the prequel trilogy saw Lucasfilm disguise itself as "JAK Productions." According to the Jedi News website, Lucas and Disney are at it again for Star Wars Episode VII, with "Foodles Productions Ltd." registered as a business that just so happens to be headquartered at Pinewood Studios, where Episode VII will be shot later this year.

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While there are those who would be tempted to dismiss this as mere coincidence, Jedi News also looked into the history of Foodles Productions, and found that for its first day of existence -- March 26, 2013 -- the sole director of the company was listed as LFL Productions Ltd … which is a subsidiary of LFL Production Holdings LLC and formerly known as , yes, JAK Productions. (The three current directors of the company, the site reports, all have Disney connections.)

What this proves is open to question: That an Internet fandom used to decoding references and mysteries on shows like Lost can unpick attempts to disguise a movie production far faster than in the old days? Perhaps. That any attempt to hide the Star Wars Episode VII production was pretty much hopeless, considering the tenacity of said fandom? Maybe. That Disney is actually playing a double bluff, and that Foodles is just a distraction from the real fake production company cover for Lucasfilm's Episode VII plans? Well … it's unlikely but not impossible, I guess.

One thing is clear, however: All the Star Wars memorabilia obsessives out there? You guys should run to the supermarket right now and see if there are any Foodles available, just in case. Twenty years from now, the market for those things is going to be insane.