Forget Kryptonite — Superman's New Weakness Is the Ice Bucket Challenge

Henry Cavill dresses as DC's Man of Steel for the ALS Challenge, with Amy Adams in tow
Warner Bros. Pictures

You will believe a man could freeze.

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams are the latest heroes to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — with Cavill living up to the hero tag by not only wearing his revised Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman costume while being drenched with freezing water, but also enduring multiple buckets in response to multiple nominations. (Adams is dressed in her Lois Lane costume from the movie, currently in production.)

The video was shared by director Zack Snyder on Twitter Tuesday morning. Sadly, Cavill and Adams’ heroic co-stars in the movie, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, have already taken the challenge, robbing us of the sight of Batman and Wonder Woman being given sub-zero soaks, but perhaps Jesse Eisenberg could give us a look at Lex Luthor if he were to get tagged sometime soon?