Comic Book Villain War-Monger Getting Miniseries From Valiant

Forgotten Queen Promo-Publicity-H 2018
Amilcar Pinna/Valiant Entertainment
'The Forgotten Queen' launches in February.

The most dangerous woman in the world is getting her chance to shine in 2019 — but she might bring about the end of everything as a result. Valiant Entertainment has announced The Forgotten Queen, a new miniseries launching in February that brings two new creators to the publisher.

Centering around War-Monger, the immortal villain from Valiant’s Unity comic book series — she debuted in 2015’s Unity No. 18, created by Matt Kindt and Pere Perez — the new series will take place across multiple eras, as both her origins as a witch during the Mongol Empire and her contemporary situation as a villain out to promote chaos and conflict among a world filled with both superheroes and weapons of mass destruction are put under the microscope.

The series will mark the Valiant debut of writer Tini Howard (Assassinistas, Marvel Knights) and Amilcar Pinna (All-New Ultimates, Generation X). Valiant executive editor Joe Illidge said that the two are “crafting a sensational story to bring one of Valiant's most powerful and secretly influential characters into the spotlight,” adding that she “will play a significant role in Valiant storylines to come” and that The Forgotten Queen “is just the tip of the iceberg of what Valiant has planned for 2019, during which we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of when Valiant Comics was founded in 1989.”

While talking to CBR, Howard said that the series will be “dirty and bloody and mean and ancient and modern,” and that the main character was irresistible to her. ”I'm a sucker for unlikeable women. I'm a sucker for immortal heartbreak. And I'm a sucker for defining a villain,” she explained.

The new series is set to launch in February, but attendees at this weekend’s North Carolina Comicon will be able to pick up exclusive posters promoting the series featuring artwork by Pinna, as well as chat with Howard, at the Valiant booth, #A001-A002, on Saturday.