Fox Releases 'X-Men' Scene From 'Spider-Man 2' Online (Video)

The teaser from this month's mutant time-travel epic that appeared at the end of Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" is officially unleashed on the Internet.

If you wanted to see the X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser clip attached to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but just make it to the theater this weekend, Fox has officially released the clip online to make your Monday just a little bit less grim.

The footage, titled “Who Are You?” offers all manner of X-Men-related cameos (including Toad and Havok) as Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) sets about to try and free imprisoned mutants, telling them that she has abandoned Magneto. “I work alone now,” she explains.

STORY: ‘Spider-Man 2’ Post-Credit ‘X-Men’ Cameo Explained

News of the scene from the Fox movie being tacked on to the end of Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 was kept under wraps until two weeks ago when it opened internationally. Despite what many believed at the time, both studios denied that the use of the scene meant that groundwork was being laid for a crossover between the two studios’ Marvel properties.

Watch the video below. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in theaters now, with X-Men: Days of Future Past being released May 23.