Fox's First 'Fantastic Four' Trailer Released

"With every new discovery, there is risk, and there are consequences."

The first teaser trailer for Fox’s new Fantastic Four film has been released, giving audiences their first glimpse into Josh Trank’s reimagining of the classic Marvel Entertainment series — and for those who’ve been waiting for something that takes the sci-fi underpinnings of the comic book and pushes them to the forefront, it's a trailer worth the wait.

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Instead of featuring the classic team in full superhero mode, the teaser concentrates on the world before the accident that transforms Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and his friends (Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell) into something other than human. Indeed, while we see Jordan's Johnny Storm "flame on" and Bell's Ben Grimm become the rocky Thing, there's no chance to see Teller's newly elastic body, nor Mara's invisibility — not that anyone should have expected the latter, logically.

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Written by Trank with Simon Kinberg and Jeremy Slater (Kinberg and Trank offer a commentary on the trailer at Yahoo! Movies), Fantastic Four hits theaters on Aug. 7.