Frank Miller Announces Fourth 'Dark Knight' Series Ahead of Launch of Third

"It's now a four-part series. I'm doing the fourth," the legendary comic creator reveals during interview.
Courtesy of Frank Miller/DC Entertainment

The Dark Knight is set to return one more time.

Ahead of this month's launch of DC Entertainment's Dark Knight III: The Master Race, writer/artist Frank Miller has reportedly revealed that he's working on a fourth series set in the future timeline he created with 1986's seminal The Dark Knight Returns.

Miller told that what had been referred to as a trilogy — with 2001 series The Dark Knight Strikes Again as the middle chapter — has apparently been expanded. "I thoroughly applaud what [Brian Azzarello, Miller's co-writer on Dark Knight III is] doing," said Miller, "but now that he's doing his [story], it's now a four-part series. I'm doing the fourth."

The apparent expansion is a surprise, but not entirely unexpected; beyond the main Dark Knight III series, DC will also be releasing Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, co-written by Miller and Azzarello with art by John Romita Jr., a one-off comic book filling in backstory from the original 1986 miniseries, suggesting a willingness to expand the series.

When contacted by THR, DC Entertainment declined to comment.

The first issue of the eight-issue Dark Knight III: The Master Race will be released Nov. 25.