Frank Miller Returns to Batman With New Comic Miniseries

New Frank Miller Comic - P 2015
<p>New Frank Miller Comic - P 2015</p>   |   @frankmillerink/Twitter
Miller is not drawing the new work nor is he going at it alone.

Frank Miller is returning to the world of Batman.

Miller, the comic writer and artist behind the seminal work The Dark Knight Returns, released in 1986, and its 21st century follow-up, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, will revisit the Batman series he created with The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

But Miller, who is fighting ailments as well as age, is not drawing the new work, nor is he authoring it alone.

Brian Azzarello, the co-creator of Vertigo’s 100 Bullets series as well as the recent acclaimed run of Wonder Woman, will co-write the miniseries, which is intended to be eight issues and will be released semimonthly. Publication is scheduled for fall 2015.

No artist has been announced at this stage.

Miller's return has been a long time coming and Azzerello and Miller have been working on the story for almost half a year, according to DC.

The company is also positioning Master Race as the third installment of a trilogy although it is unclear that Miller ever originally intended it that way.

Dark Knight Returns introduced the ideas of an ageing Batman called into action one more time, a female Robin, and positioned classic friends Batman and Superman on opposite sides of a political spectrum and made them enemies. The work is still reverberating into the present and Warner Bros.' upcoming Batman v. Superman movie takes many of its cues, if not straight-up imagery, from the work.

April 24, 2:22 p.m. Updated to clarify in headline that Miller's project is a comic minseries.