'Free Birds' Stars Talk Turkeys, Animation and Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Director Jimmy Hayward's new animated comedy starring Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler and Owen Wilson, changes Thanksgiving's menu.
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From left: Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler and Owen Wilson

Reel FX Creative Studios and Relativity rolled out the fall-festive beige carpet for guests such as Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson at the Free Birds world premiere at the Westwood Village Theatre. The 3D film is Reel FX Creative Studios' first animated feature film.   

The film, directed by Jimmy Hayward follows two, time-traveling turkeys, Jake (Harrelson) and Reggie (Wilson), as they try to change Thanksgiving’s main course. Harrelson's character is an overzealous turkey where Wilson's is a scrawny, outcast on the farm. Said Wilson: "It's a kind of mismatch buddy comedy with turkeys."

VIDEO: 'Free Birds' Trailer: Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson Are Time-Traveling Turkeys

Amy Poehler, who plays Jenny, Wilson’s love interest, brought the laughs to the flick and the carpet. “I just have them wheel me in on a bed,” she said about the ease of doing an animated film versus getting into hair and makeup for a live-action movie. “I just never open my eyes and deliver my lines from under the covers; it’s amazing.”

The film also stars animation veteran and Breaking Bad fanatic, Carlos Alazraqui who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter in a spot-on Jesse Pinkman impression about his favorite Thanksgiving dish. “It used to be turkey, but I dig stuffing and cranberry sauce.” Wilson and Harrelson agreed that both dishes are favorites during the holiday, while George Takei (who plays the egg-shaped time machine, S.T.E.V.E.) admitted: “We may really be having pizza for Thanksgiving dinner. ”    

The family film was followed by an afterparty with candy buffets, arcade games and a super slide for all the kids in attendance, along with grilled cheese treats from The Melt.

Free Birds, which also stars Danny Carey, Josh Lawson, Kaitlyn Maher and Lesley Nicol, opens in theaters Nov. 1.