Culture Magazine Full Bleed Launches Crowdfunding for New Volume

Full Bleed 3 cover-Publicity-H 2018
Michael Brophy/IDW:PDX
Interviews with Geof Darrow, Grant Morrison and Metallica's Kirk Hammett will feature alongside new comic book and journalism work in the 200-page hardcover for Heavy Rotation.

Following two successful prior campaigns, IDW Publishing’s hardcover magazine has launched the crowdfunding effort for its latest edition, Full Bleed Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation, again running 200 pages of new and unseen material merging comics, fine art, journalism, photography and multiple disciplines into a unified whole.

Described by editor and creative director Dirk Wood as being what would happen if “Rolling Stone, the old Comics Journals, and an art book had a baby,” Full Bleed’s third issue continues to offer a mix of comic book material and pop culture writing unavailable anywhere else, with contributors including Benjamin Percy, Julia Alekseyeva, Tini Howard, Joe R. Lansdale and Sara Richard.

Interviews in the volume include a conversation between Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Scott Ian of Anthrax, a talk with Shaolin Cowboy creator Geof Darrow and a “lost” interview with Grant Morrison in which he discusses the so-called feud between him and Alan Moore.

“We’re so proud to bring this baby into the world and now we’re coming to you. In days of yore, when running a magazine, one had to rely on two important sources of revenue — advertising and subscriptions,” Wood said in a statement about the launch of the volume’s Kickstarter campaign.”The bottom line is Full Bleed is 100% ad free. To realistically sustain a publication of this magnitude, reaching out directly to fans is necessary. Kickstarter provides us the opportunity to interact with prospective readers, not compromise on quality and remain free of advertising. So tell your friends.”

More information about Full Bleed Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation can be found via the project’s Kickstarter page here.