Gaiman Teases 'Fortunately, the Milk' Collaboration with Young (Video)

Neil Gaiman's new video introduces his new kid-centric collaboration with Marvel Comics artist Skottie Young.
Skottie Young/Harper Collins

His novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane may be just a few months old, but Neil Gaiman isn't resting on his laurels. Not only is the writer preparing for the launch of Sandman: Overture from DC Entertainment's Vertigo imprint in October, but he also has another book coming out next month: Fortunately, the Milk, illustrated (in the U.S., at least) by Marvel Comics artist Skottie Young.

Describing the kids' book as a response to his earlier book The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish -- "People were reading my book, and learning from it that fathers were oblivious, newspapers-reading occasionally carrot-eating lumps of distraction," he wrote in a letter accompanying the release of the book and "I resolved to do something about it" -- Fortunately sees a father experience full of adventures with aliens, time travel and dinosaur cops, all while trying to buy milk for his children's breakfast cereal.

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The lure for Fortunately, the Milk isn't solely in seeing Gaiman's free-associating all manner of kid-friendly concepts, but in seeing Skottie Young's amazing artwork bringing those concepts to life. These days, Young is likely best known for his Marvel covers that transform familiar characters such as the Avengers and X-Men into baby versions of themselves. But his work on the publisher's Oz comics (as in The Wizard Of…) in recent years has been genuinely beautiful stuff. If there's any justice, Fortunately will make Young's name much more recognizable outside of comics fandom.

Fortunately, the Milk will be released September 17, and courtesy of USA Today, here's the trailer for the book: