Gal Gadot Warns "Misogynist Sexists" That Their Time Is Up

Ezra Miller asks his 'Justice League' co-star to deliver a powerful message, and she obliges.

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has a message for the patriarchy.

During a promotional interview with IGN for the upcoming film Justice League, Gadot is asked by co-star Ezra Miller to deliver an Amazonian warning to the straight men of the world, much to her bemusement.

"I'm really into the idea of the turning of the tides, and the idea of the last couple thousand years of human history have been so male-dominated in a way that has not always served us — clearly, here we are on the brink of destruction — and so I wonder if you would say something for me," Miller asks. "Would you say, into the camera, 'Hetero-patriarchy, your wrath upon this world is over'? I want it so bad!"

Initially confused by the word "hetero" — "It's like straight men ruling everything," Miller helpfully explains — Gadot offers the following message instead: "I'm just going to say, 'Misogynist sexists, your wrath upon this world is over.'" Watch the video, below. (Miller makes his request at 2:05.)

Internet, we all await your subtitled gifs in the next few days.

Justice League is set to open Friday.