It's Game Over in the New 'Pixels' Trailer

The end of the world has arrived, and only Adam Sandler stands between us and complete annihilation. Well, it's been a good run up till now, I guess.

The second trailer for Sony's Pixels, in which Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage play former video game geeks who end up the last line of defense when aliens inspired by 1980s arcade games invade Earth, has been released, introducing the men who just might save the day — and demonstrating why that might not happen after all.

In addition to Sandler, Gad and Dinklage, the trailer also features Michelle Monaghan as the woman in charge of humanity's unlikely saviors, as well as Kevin James as the former arcade rat turned president of the United States, and the man who knows that Sandler's character was never that good at Donkey Kong back in the day.

Pixels will be released July 24, but for gamers who can't wait that long, Dojo Quest, the fictional game seen in the movie — Ashley Benson's sword-wielding hero even pops up briefly in the trailer — is available for download right now.