'Game of Thrones' Heads to the NBA Playoffs With Animated Spoof (Video)

Who needs rebounds and three-point shots when you have dragons and White Walkers?
Bleacher Report

Two of television's biggest draws this month are Game of Thrones and the NBA playoffs. But what if the two were magically fused into one bizarre yet brilliant animated video?

That is the concept behind Bleacher Report's latest spoof, which shows the HBO drama's most compelling and sinister characters played by basketball's biggest stars. 

Dubbed Game of Zones, the footage stresses that all characters are fictional -- and "all voices are obviously impersonated." 

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Among those fictionalized sports stars are Kevin Love, who professes: "One minute you are in the dance, and the next you are on the Timberwolves." 

LeBron James laments "the Wizards are getting stronger, John Wall is no longer a boy … dynasties fall, Lord [Pat] Riley," but fortunately the Miami Heat have dragons -- in the form of a demented Chris Bosh.

Meanwhile Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are members of the Night's Watch at the Wall, defending it from the horrors of the the White Walkers -- played by a scary, skeletal Gregg Popovich, with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

Watch the video spoof below.