'Game of Thrones' Star Nabs Role of King Arthur in 'Arthur & Lancelot'

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Kit Harington will play King Arthur in the Warner Bros. tale, to be directed by David Dobkin.

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington has plucked the sword from the stone and will play the future King Arthur in Warner Bros.’ Arthur & Lancelot.

David Dobkin is directing the movie, which seeks to spin the King Arthur myth into a bit of a lighthearted action movie the way the studio did with Sherlock Holmes.

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In the classic myth, Lancelot was one of Arthur’s knights and ends up in an adulterous relationship with Arthur’s wife, Guinevere. The movie sees Arthur as an illegitimate son being raised by a humble and poor knight in a village who will grow into an inspiring leader while Lancelot is a rebellious noble who distrusts the established government. (Guinevere, at this stage of the game, is simple a cameo but will figure more prominently in potential sequels.)

The movie is eying a March 2012 start.

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Harington’s role of Arthur has parallels to his character in Thrones, where he plays an illegitimate son with hidden potential to the lord of the northern kingdom.

Harington made his screen debut with Thrones and is also cast in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. The actor, who screen tested twice for the Arthur role, is repped by CAA.