Gary Busey Promotes 'Piranha 3DD' Safety (Video)

Gary Busey Headshot Walk of Fame - P 2011
<p>Gary Busey Headshot Walk of Fame - P 2011</p>   |   Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images
The eccentric actor and former "Celebrity Rehab" cast member offers information about the flesh-eating fish "so you won’t see piranhas showing up at your house."

If casting Gary Busey in Piranha 3DD didn’t successfully communicate the filmmakers’ ambitions to make the sequel as unpredictable as possible, Busey himself has eagerly offered further confirmation that audiences can expect some truly crazy hijinks from the actor and former Celebrity Rehab cast member.

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Hitfix premiered a clip Tuesday of Busey discussing – well, a lot of different stuff during interviews for the film, directed by John Gulager (the Feast series). Pitching the film to prospective viewers, Busey championed Piranha 3DD’s impact on viewers unprepared to deal with the menace of flesh-eating fish: “See the movie so you won’t see piranhas showing up at your house dressed how they want to dress,” he said before adding, “just watch the damn movie.”

Remarkably, Busey remains lucid about himself even when he’s making the least sense. Presumably talking about what piranha attack victims look like afterward, he rattles off a list of cuts of beef, including “intestines and a piece of meat that looks like steak tartar,” before offering a conciliatory word to his interview. “I hope you’re understanding me, because I’m not.”

After revealing that the word “fart” is in fact an acronym (we’ll leave it for you to discover what its letters spell), he wraps up the interview, further acknowledging that his off-the-wall behavior might be off-putting to some viewers. “You’ll probably be writing me a fan letter asking me to get out of the business,” he suggests. “But I’m not going anywhere.”

Watch the clip below. Piranha 3DD opens nationwide June 1, 2012.