'Glee' Alum, 'Justified' Actress Starring in Superhero Comedy for Felicia Day's YouTube Channel (Exclusive)

The new digital series from Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore will debut on the Geek & Sundry channel in 2014.
Harry Shum Jr.

Fighting crime might save the day, but it doesn't necessarily pay the rent -- unless you're hooked up to a sweet SHIELD paycheck -- so who could blame particularly cash-strapped superheroes from planning their own superheist to make ends meet? That's the hook of Caper, a new web series from Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore due to premiere next year on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel.

The comedy reunites Berg with Leverage star Beth Riesgraf, who plays one of the four superheroes forced to consider a life of crime in order to fund their crime-fighting lifestyle. Riesgraf isn't the only familiar face on the show; Glee's Harry Shum Jr., Justified's Abby Miller and Hartley Sawyer of TBS' Glory Daze round out the main cast. The series will be directed by Donald Murphy, who has previously worked with the Coen brothers and Oliver Stone.

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Described as "a fun and colorful comedy about friendship, community and what it takes to be a hero," Caper -- which begins production today -- will join Felicia Day's The Guild as an original scripted content component of the popular (more than 700,000 subscribers to date) YouTube channel spearheaded by Day, which also features content from other nerd figureheads (Wil Wheaton!) alongside blogs from the fan community.