Will Smith Is His Own Worst Enemy in First 'Gemini Man' Trailer

Ang Lee directed the sci-fi thriller, which features de-aging CGI.

The first trailer for Ang Lee's sci-fi thriller Gemini Man dropped Tuesday, revealing that Will Smith plays not one leading man, but two in the Paramount film.

Smith is introduced as Henry Brogan, an assassin who's suddenly being targeted by someone who can seemingly predict his every move. That someone, as it turns out, is a younger version of Brogan. 

However, thanks to innovative de-aging CGI, the two characters are noticeably different.

"I think I know why he's as good as you," Smith's co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead tells the aging Brogan. "He is you."

Set to a slowed-down, distorted version of "Forever Young," the action-packed trailer forecasts the impending battle between the two men. 

"We have to end this right now," the older Brogan tells his younger counterpart, after saying that "they" — who appears to be a man named Clay Verris played by Clive Owen — cloned him because "there's never been anybody like me."

Benedict Wong also stars in the movie, which hits theaters Oct. 11.