'Allen: Son of Hellcock' Trailer Brings Fantasy Parody to Comics (Exclusive)

It's difficult to live up to the legacy of a famous parent — especially if that parent happens to be the greatest warrior of all time, and all you want to do is draw comic books. That struggle is at the heart of Allen: Son of Hellcock, a new graphic novel from Z2 Comics, and Heat Vision has the exclusive reveal of the book's official trailer.

Written by former editor-in-chief of The Onion (and current writer on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) Will Tracey and Viceland's Gabe Koplowitz, with art from Miguel Porto, the book explores just how difficult it is to be the millennial offspring of the most vicious barbarian warrior of all time, especially when you have to deal with elves, ogres, minotaur landlords and urinating horse-donkeys. Yes, you read that right.

It's a book that's been blurbed from the likes of Jesse Eisenberg — who called it "very funny and wonderfully illustrated," adding, "I was equally surprised by how much I liked it and that it existed at all" — as well as Dave Eggers, John Oliver and Tom Hanks, but enough about them; why not take a look at what to expect from the book itself?

The hardcover Allen: Son of Hellcock will be in comic book stores Wednesday, and available in bookstores Nov. 14.