Geoff Johns Moves to Image Comics for 'Geiger'

Gary Frank/Image Comics
The former DC chief creative officer is going independent for his latest collaboration with 'Doomsday Clock' artist Gary Frank.

Former chief creative officer of DC Geoff Johns will be publishing his first comic book outside of the company in more than a decade, with the announcement of Geiger, a new creator-owned title for Image Comics launching in 2021.

The series  is set years after a nuclear war almost destroyed the Earth, and named after the one man considered the most dangerous in the radioactive wastelands left inhabitable. Johns created it with artist Gary Frank, his partner on Doomsday Clock and the Batman: Earth One series of graphic novels.

“Gary and I have been secretly working away on Geiger since we finished up Doomsday Clock earlier this year and we couldn’t be more excited to be doing our first creator-owned book for Image,” Johns told Bleeding Cool, which broke the news of the title. “Now that we’re miles ahead of the release schedule, we can finally talk about it. Geiger was inspired by the early days of Image when wonderfully all-new, graphic characters like Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon and so many more were at the forefront of their publishing line.”

Geiger marks Johns’ first new project announced since his departure as chief creative officer and president of DC in 2018, although both his Batman: Three Jokers comic book series and the first season of his Stargirl television series, both DC projects, have recently completed and he is working on Stargirl season two. It’s also the first Johns project announced since Justice League star Ray Fisher claimed the former exec enabled alleged bad behavior by filmmaker Joss Whedon on the set of reshoots for that movie.

Geiger launches digitally and in comic book stores April 2021.