Geoff Johns Reveals First 6 Pages of DC's 'Doomsday Clock'

The writer of the upcoming 'Watchmen' sequel walked fans through the opening pages of the series.
Courtesy of Gary Frank/DC Entertainment

The clock is ticking on the DC Universe. This November, DC Entertainment chief creative officer and president of DC Films Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank will begin Doomsday Clock, the 12-issue series that introduces the Watchmen universe to the DC Universe of Superman, Batman and the Justice League. At New York Comic Con on Friday afternoon, Johns shared the first six pages of the first issue with an excited crowd.

Johns talked fans through the opening of the series, which takes place in the world of Watchmen seven years after the conclusion of the classic series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. While the structure of the pages mirrors the intricate work by Moore and Gibbons, the events shown on the pages are anything but a slavish re-creation of what went before, instead offering an unexpected glimpse of what happened following Ozymandias' plan to save the world.

Speaking of unexpected, it's worth noting that there's a very unexpected appearance of a particular character familiar to anyone who's read the original Watchmen; of course, fans of history might be surprised to see William F. Buckley Jr. make an appearance in the pages as well, continuing the tradition of real-world figures making appearances in the alternate history of the Watchmen universe.

Those who attended the Doomsday Clock panel didn't just get to see the initial pages early; they were also given an exclusive ashcan edition featuring the pages. For everyone else, the pages can be seen below. Doomsday Clock No. 1 will be released Nov. 22.

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