George Perez Updates Fans on His Vision Problems

The artist known for runs on "Avengers" and "New Teen Titans" writes on Facebook that he has already "noticed a small bit of improvement" post-surgery.
George Perez/Boom! Studios

Days after the surgery to save the sight in his left eye, George Perez, fan-favorite artist known for runs on Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman and Avengers, has released an update on his condition -- and it's good news.

"According to my eye doctor the surgery went well and I have already noticed a small bit of improvement in the vision of my left eye," Perez wrote on his Facebook page yesterday. "Before the operation, when I was asked 'How many fingers am I holding up?', I couldn't even see the person's hand. Now I can make out the number of fingers, albeit still fuzzy."

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Perez revealed in September that long term problems with his vision had reached the point where he had become essentially blind in his left eye due to hemorrhaging. Laser surgery was ruled out as an option the next month, leading to last week's operating room procedure.

In his update, the artist described his improved vision post-surgery as "a small step forward, but forward nonetheless… I still have a ways to go, but I seem to be on the right path," and thanked fans and friends for notes of encouragement. His next scheduled work remains She-Devils, a series he'll write and draw for L.A.-based Boom! Studios (The promo art for which is visible above).