Georgina Sutcliffe, Marina Sirtis to Star in Film Based on Toxic Airline Cabin Story

Georgina Sutcliffe Marina Sirtis Split - H 2013
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Ex-pilot Tristan Loraine will direct the film based on his own experiences after retiring on medical grounds.

LONDON – Georgina Sutcliffe and Marina Sirtis have pledged to lend their acting chops to British independent thriller A Dark Reflection, Tristan Loraine's movie based on his own experiences as a British Airways captain.

Loraine, who was retired from flying service on medical grounds, is taxiing the project towards takeoff after spending more than two years developing the script.

Billed as a fact-based investigative thriller, the script tells the story of an air traffic controller who is suspended following a serious in-flight incident. When his journalist wife (Sutcliffe) starts to ask questions, she uncovers a disturbing succession of cover-ups dating back to 1954.

Lorain described the film to THR as Erin Brockovich meets All the President’s Men.  

Sutcliffe said: "If this film serves to uncover serious air safety issues, it will have succeeded in its purpose.  I am honored to be a part of it!"

Sirtis added: "We all fly, and I want to play my part in making air travel safer by being part of this film."

Co-screenwriter Viv Young said: "We are delighted and honored that Marina Sirtis will be briefly coming back to the U.K. to be part of the film. Marina has taken a real interest in the issues highlighted within the film for many years."

Lorain's investigative documentary Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines taxied into U.K. theaters in 2008 and sparked media coverage in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. as well as a public enquiry in Britain from its story about contaminated air supplies on commercial airlines.

Loraine's production banner Fact Not Fiction Films is mounting the fiction movie with backing from private investors.

Loraine said: "This film is a true thriller that will not only entertain but will open the public’s eyes to some uncomfortable facts. 

How safe is the air you breathe in-flight?  Where does cabin air come from? The public has been kept in the dark long enough."

Shooting is scheduled to start in June this year.