Art Auctions Raising Money for 'Ghost Rider' Co-Creator Gary Friedrich

Ghost Rider Comic Art - P 2012
<p>Ghost Rider Comic Art - P 2012</p>   |   Marvel Comics
Friedrich was recently asked to pay $17,000 to Marvel for damages after losing his lawsuit against the company.

A couple of art auctions have raised considerable coin for Ghost Rider co-creator Gary Friedrich.

Friedrich recently lost his lawsuit against Marvel and other parties trying to assert copyright over the flame-skulled, motorcycle-revving hero. In a shocking move, he was required to pay $17,000 to Marvel for such offenses as selling Ghost Rider merchandise at conventions.

The destitute and now-elderly writer, who has battled alcohol addiction, cannot pay the levy, so a slew of writers and artists have decided to help one of their own.

Legendary Batman artist Neal Adams is not only one of the leaders of the charge, along with writer Steve Niles, but did a Captain America art piece that sold for $3,261 earlier today.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola did a piece that just sold for $5,601. 

Both were hotly contested auctions.

Eric Powell is selling a Goon cover that is up to $2,500 at this time.

There obviously is still a lot more to raise but it's heartening to see how small acts of generosity from these creators can have a big impact. For those that want to give, check out Niles' site.

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