Extended 'Ghost in the Shell' Clip Shows Off the Cyber of It All

Five minutes of the cyberpunk story have been released online.

Those unsure about how the live-action Ghost of the Shell will approach its cultural heritage need only watch a newly released five-minute clip from the movie to see that it fully embraces the "cyber"-ness of it all.

Not only does the first line of the clip reference a "cyber-crime" in progress, but the subsequent conversation between the president and his creepy doctor host includes a piece of dialogue that places the theme of the story out for all to see clearly. "My people embrace cyber enhancement, as do I," the president says, adding, "There's no one who really understands the risk to individuality, to identity, messing with the human soul."

From there, all hell breaks loose — allowing Scarlett Johansson's Major the chance to swing into action (literally) and show that this new character is far deadlier than Marvel's Black Widow.

The new footage, which comes from the opening of Rupert Sanders' movie and expands upon scenes already available in earlier trailers, comes just over a week before the feature's March 31 release. Whether it will succeed in counteracting some of the antipathy towards the pic stirred up by casting decisions remains to be seen.