Gipsy Bargain: 'Pacific Rim' Prop Auction Sells Off Mankind's Kaiju Defense

Pacific Rim Hunnam Kikuchi 2 - H 2013
<p>Pacific Rim Hunnam Kikuchi 2 - H 2013</p>   |   Warner Bros. Pictures
Go Bid or Go Extinct

Sure, you loved Pacific Rim and spend days dreaming up names for your imaginary Jaeger. But if you were a true fan of Guillermo del Toro’s over-the-top Kaiju fantasy, you would currently be considering how many internal organs you could sell in order to take advantage of an online auction of more than 200 props from the movie.

Everything from a “Hazardous Material Sprayer” (asking price: $130) to Rinko Kikuchi’s Drivesuit helmet (asking price: $6,200) is up for grabs as part of the auction, including multiple “Small Kaiju Jars,” costumes from various ranks of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and parts of the Gipsy Danger Drivesuit. Yes, you too could own Diego Klattenhoff’s breastplate, if you have $1,400 to spare — and isn’t that really what you want to do with your money?

The auction, which launched last week, is staggered, with items closing for bidding over the next week. In total, 256 props will have been offered by the time the auction finishes on Sept. 9, with badges and a headset from the Local Command Center in the Shatterdome closing things out. They're definitely worth the $10 asking price; just think of the eBay resale value when the sequel comes out, if nothing else.